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Other activities at Främby Udde

Other activities at Främby Udde Besides staying in our comfortable cottages, there are plenty of activities for you at Främby Udde.There is a great restaurant in historic Villa Herdin right by the lake that offers fantastic food and drink. You may sit indoors or at the outdoor beautiful patio with an amazing view over the lake.There is also an activity center where you can rent canoes, “SUP” which is a standing paddle board, small boats, bicycles, fishing gear, ice skates, Swedish “spark” which is an ice sleigh, etc.You can also book activities such as yoga, learning how to paddle kayak, and join competitions on Runn both summer and winter, and much more.

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Activities we recommend

Dalarna is a great destination to visit with much to see and do in this beautiful county.Here you will find the destinations and activities we recommend.If you want more information about activities in Dalarna, please visit: Visit

Falu Vildvattenpark

Pre-paddling, 3km


Art, 18km


bicycle&mountainbike, 8km


Golf Course, 5km

Falu copper mine

Copper mine, 6km

Mono Loco

Climbing, 3km

Dala Padel

Padelcenter, 3km

Leos Lekland

Playland, 22km

Romme Alpin

Slalom, 35km


Slalom, 3km


Ski Trails, 8km

Runn is



Främby Udde 20 FALUN

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09.00 - 17.00

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