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Falun Strandby is situated in the heart of Dalarna right by the idyllic Lake Runn. Falun’s greatest holiday resort is situated in beautiful nature, only 4 km from Falun, a World Heritage Site. There’s lots to love here in relaxed, comfortable surroundings with personal service. Enjoy a lovely dinner in Villa Herdin, paddle a canoe in the summer, or enjoy skating on the lake in winter, and year round enjoy a relaxing evening in our beautiful sauna right by the lake. Falun Strandby is the perfect choice for an amazing holiday in Dalarna and for you who wishes to enjoy your privacy in our cozy cottages with fully equipped kitchens.


The Villa Herdin at Främby Udde was built at the end of 1800 by Oscar and Olga Herdin, who used it as their summer residence. Oscar Herdin had a textile dyeing business and was a member of city council as well as a member of parliament. When Oscar died, his wife donated the villa to Sofiastiftelsen, a non-profit foundation in Stockholm, who ran a summer camp for children at Främby Udde between 1940 – 1960. When the summer camp was shut down, the city took over the building but did not see any potential in the beautiful villa, and so decided to let the Rescue Service use it for its fire drills. Vårby gård situated close to Villa Herdin, burned to the ground during a fire drill. Villa Herdin was close to become a fire drill excercise as well, but was rescued by Unga Örnar, a children and youth organization. They took over the villa and used it for youth activities until the 1990’s.

During 2010 – 2011 the holiday resort was built at Främby Udde. Today Falun Strandby is a privately owned holiday resort who manages the rentals of the cottages.


Främby Udde 20 FALUN

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09.00 - 17.00

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+46 (0)10-585 13 40