Lotta has discovered the "Homecoming Cottages"

Lotta Sodemann, has discovered the advantages of living in Falun Strandby's cottages when she, her husband and their children come home to visit family back home.

The Homecoming Cottages! It’s a fitting name for Falun Strandby’s cottages, which are so

appreciated by natives from all over Dalarna. They need a place to stay when it’s time to come home to see family, relatives and friends.

– We really value the opportunity to stay here when we come home to visit our family,

she says.

Lotta Sodemann grew up in Falun, but has been living in Leuven, Belgium, for many years

together with her husband and children. But they regularly travel home to visit family in Falun.

– Being able to live here is a way for us to stay in touch with our home region. It

is so nice to live out here at Främby udde! It is! In addition, the cottages are of good

quality with lovely surroundings, says Lotta Sodemann.


Several homecomers have in recent years discovered the advantage of Falun Strandby’s cottages, and the value of combining high quality accommodations for the family with the good feeling of being able to spend time with parents, siblings and other people who have remained in their home village. This way of coming home and reconnecting is especially noticeable during the big holidays and in the summer.


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