Erik commutes to work and lives at Falun Strandby

Erik Lundstam has chosen to live in Falun Strandby when he commutes to work in Falun.

Every week, many people commute to Falun for work.

One of them is Erik Lundstam, who has chosen to live in one of Falun Strandby’s houses at

Främby Udde.


– A perfect accommodation, much better than a hotel. I couldn’t have done that in the long run,” he says, praising the possibility of taking his dog with him.

It was in May 2019 that Erik Lundstam began to seriously seek a longer-term solution

for accommodations when he travels to Falun for work:

– I didn’t want to stay in a hotel, so it was perfect when I found Falun Strandby at Främby Udde.

Since then he has regularly lived at Främby Udde, from Tuesdays to Fridays.

– It’s a fantastic place and perfect when you live away from home, have a car and can

park next to the cottage. Here it is possible to cook for yourself, meet nice neighbours

and be close to nature. In addition, the staff at the reception are nice. It will be a good

life when you live away from home,” says Erik Lundstam.

There is another important reason why he chooses to live in one of Falun Strandby’s

cabins during the week: the possibility that his dog Kohki can come along.

– For us, this is a very good solution. The possibility to take the dog with you is not available at

all places. Here it has also become a way to meet and talk to other neighbours thanks to

the dog. I like it here.


Främby Udde 20 FALUN

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